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Meet Our Owner, Joni Oldfield

Joni Oldfield started Animal Amour in 2001 after searching endlessly for a great pet sitter for her kitties. She interviewed many sitters, making it clear there was a lack of professionals.  Who better to fill the role of teaching others how to grow their own successful business than Joni herself.

She has previous management experience and also worked at a vet. Her knowledge of animal behavior and her love for creatures of all kind blended perfectly into this industry, and her business flourished over the years. Soon she was able to bring on a team of qualified and exceptional pet sitters.

Animal Amour now has over 700 clients and several pet sitters and dog walkers. After 4 months of being in business, Joni was full time! A year later, Animal Amour  was doing over 2,000 visits and growing. She has built the business up to over 10,000 visits annually.
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Pet Sitting Business
Get all the tools and knowledge so you can develop your vision about your pet sitting business, customized to your requirements.
Pet Sitting Business
Our one-on-one coach will walk you through every step - with the animals, clients, behind the scenes, and administrative.
Pet Sitting Business
We'll give you a FREE initial consultation over the phone, answering all the questions, ideas and desires related to your business.

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