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Our Helpful Pet Sitting Coaching Programs and Business Products

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Start or Grow Your Pet Sitting Business With Our Coaching Programs and Useful Packages

Planning to give your pet sitting business an edge? Turn to Animal Amour PSU for a wide selection of pet sitting coaching programs and packages that'll help you organize and manage your existing or new business.

Check Out Our PSU Coaching Programs and Packages 

Get a FREE 15-minute consultation!
Call us at 
FREE 15-Minute Consultation
Call now at 949-610-6708 for a FREE 15-minute consultation!
PSU VIP Package – Monthly (Save By Paying Annually)
As a PSU VIP member you get your website linked and monthly blasts out to Social Media! I provide monthly 1-hour coaching calls via phone or in person. Receive important information insurance and bonding requirements, as well as essential news and tips for your pet sitting business. 
This product is also included in the PSU Ultimate Success Package. You will be charged $15.95 per 30-day billing cycle for a period of one year.
PSU VIP Package – Discounted Annual Subscription
** Pay one year upfront and receive a DISCOUNT. **
As a PSU VIP member, we provide monthly 1-hour coaching calls via phone, Skype, or FaceTime. Get in-person coaching, important information on annual insurance and bonding requirements, advertising and social media mentions of your new business on our sites and networks as well as essential news and tips for your pet sitting business.
This product is also included in the PSU Ultimate Success Package. You will be charged a $149.99 (savings of over $40) one year membership fee which will auto renew after 365 days.
PSU Ultimate Success Package - $499.00 - Do you want to start?
Unlock your true potential and take the next step as a pet business owner with our most comprehensive package. Our Success Package starts with a FREE 15-minute consultation, followed by:
•Coaching in person, phone, Skype, or FaceTime
•Business name (DBA)
•Access to business insurance at group rates
•Referrals to business services needed to start and upgrade
*Advertising your new business too!
•Scheduling with clients and staff and calendar sharing
•Pricing examples with coaching on services and how to price
•How to prepare for the actual work and in an emergency
•Selling your service via phone and during client consultations
•Your business advertised on our websites and social media, etc.
•Business admin and financial setup with a QuickBooks Pro Adviser for a great foundation to start your business
•Logo, website, and marketing strategy
•Discounts to members
•All the features of the PSU VIP Package
•All the features of the PSU Toolbox and much more!
PSU Toolbox - $159.00- Already Started? You need this...
Animal Amour PSU’s Toolbox includes everything you need for your business:
•Potential client sheets - Initial information prior to your consultation and vital for client folders in the future
•Work orders - Keep track of jobs and used for invoicing as well as up to date information on the current job
•New Client Packet – For your consultations. Unique to your company information and prep for your new client and how to present it during your consult.
•Client contract – Vital to your business!
One Hour Coaching Session - $115.00
One hour coaching session
QuickBooks One Hour Setup and Training - $85.00
QuickBooks one hour setup and training with a “QuickBooks Pro Advisor”
30-Minute Coaching Session - $59.99
30-minute coaching session with BONUS 15 minutes FREE!
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